Mastering Plan Management and Support Coordination

NDIS Plan management showing image of a budget and page describes the differences between Plan Management and Support Coordination

As Support Coordinators we like to help you not only navigate the NDIS but understand the different service like Plan Management. LaunchUP can help. LaunchUP is a free online resource that connects people with disability to support coordinators who can help them navigate the NDIS system and find the right services and support. Our support […]

What is a Self-Managed NDIS Plan?

Learn how to self Manage your NDIS Plan with the assistance of LaunchUP support coordination

Take Control of Your NDIS Plan: Your Guide to Self-Management Self management of your NDIS plan and how LaunchUP can help you achieve greater independence. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a program that provides funding to people with disabilities to access support services for their everyday needs. Self-management of your NDIS plan means […]

NDIS Transport Budget – LaunchUP support

Image of person with disability using a taxi service as part of their Transport Budget with the NDIS

The NDIS Transport Budget and how it Works. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDISI Transport Budget) is a program that helps people with disabilities to access support services and funding for their everyday needs. The NDIS Transport Budget is one of the funding options available to scheme participants. The funding can be used to pay […]

Specialist Disability Accommodation

NIDS SDA - Specialist disability Accommodation - LaunchUP support coordination

NDIS SDA Specialist Disability Accommodation solutions through LaunchUP Support Coordination

NDIS Capital Equipment – Access to a range of supportive equipment

guy in wheel chair hi fiving another guy with two more people looking on. NDIS core budget supports

Supporting People with Disabilities to Achieve Their Goals The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS Capital Equipment) provides funding for people with disabilities to access the support and equipment they need to live an independent and fulfilling life. One of the types of support that the NDIS provides is capital equipment, which can include a wide […]

Experienced Support Coordinator: NDIS Plan Management and Communication

Communication: Young lady sitting at desk and smiling - Launchup Support Coordinations

Good Support starts with good communication, understanding and experience.